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Discover Ricky McKenna's success story, a sales expert with years of experience and a passion for outstanding sales performance. Get inspired and learn from his knowledge and expertise.

Discover the Sales Expert inside you: Ricky McKenna.

Ricky McKenna is an experienced sales trainer, coach, and keynote speaker with over 25 years of experience in the media industry. He supports companies in acquiring new customers and maximising revenue through innovative training programmes and coaching.

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Ricky McKenna

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Ricky McKenna enthusiastically inhales the dust of sales, whether it’s the scent of street sales or the fragrance of leadership development.

With his extensive sales experience, he knows what makes a successful salesperson and, most importantly, how to activate untapped potentials.

For over 25 years, he has focused his professional career in leadership positions within the media industry.

Since 2019, he has been offering customer acquisition programmes through his company, McKENNA’S SALESFARM, complemented by precise and modern training offerings for salespeople and executives as a partner of the INtem® group.

His credo: “In my trainings and coaching sessions, salespeople learn to turn sales processes into a shopping experience for customers. The focus is not on wanting to sell, but rather on understanding what the customer wants and making it the central point of the perfect sales conversation.”

His sales book, “The Sales Sat Nav for Media Consultants, published in 2023 by SpringerGabler, is one of the few sales books that exclusively deals with sales practices in the media business.

This book serves as a blueprint that maps and explains individual sales processes, guiding salespeople step by step towards sustainable revenue growth.

As a hobby musician, Ricky has been playing the violin passionately since the age of 9 and performs with several country bands in northern Germany. He lives in the German fairy tale town Buxtehude with his wife, Alex, and their two children, Sean and Lara.

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