Discover our innovative business programme for acquiring new customers, which relies on effective sales techniques and individual approaches. With our tailor-made strategy, we support you in acquiring new customers and building long-term business relationships. Let’s unleash your sales potential together!


Our business programme for customer acquisition is a comprehensive approach that aims to sustainably promote the growth of your company through targeted acquisition of new customers. We combine proven sales methods with modern techniques to develop an effective strategy tailored to your industry.

The programme covers the following key areas:

Our business programme for acquiring new customers is not only designed for short-term success but also to keep your company on a path to long-term success. Through targeted training and individual support, we ensure that your sales team is well-equipped to acquire new customers and nurture existing relationships. Together, we strive to achieve your sales goals and sustainably expand your business.



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Our 4-step Programme for New Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention

1. Selection
2. Qualifying
3. Partnership
4. Service
The Selection Stage

In the first stage of the programme – the Selection Stage – all media consultants qualify their personal sales funnel with locally operating companies that are particularly suitable as potential customers.

The Qualification Stage

In the second stage – the Qualification Stage – the media consultants contact the decision-makers of these selected companies and conduct a classic needs analysis with them. This is where it becomes evident which companies qualify for further sales activities and which disqualify themselves due to their lack of suitability.
This second stage is the key to success of the entire programme and is actively supported by RICKY McKENNA’s SALES FARM in its execution, with regular meetings held with the programme participants to discuss progress.

The Partnership Stage

The third stage – the Partnership Stage – focuses on building relationships and trust with potential customers. Information transfer plays a crucial role in this stage, as it allows the potential customer to immediately see how their company will benefit from the offer and become a partner and customer. This stage includes inviting and participating in a high-profile business event where the offering is supported by an interactive marketing presentation.

The Service Stage

The fourth stage – the Service Stage – focuses on providing regular and high-quality customer service throughout the campaign period. Regular contact with the customer deepens the trust between both parties and leads to long-term business activities with the media for a majority of the customers.



The most frequently asked questions

Frequent questions, clear answers: In our FAQ section, you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding our business programme for acquiring new customers.


What is the Business Programme for New Customer Acquisition?

The business programme for acquiring new customers is a holistic approach to targeted acquisition of new customers, aimed at sustainable growth of your company. It includes strategy development, training and coaching for your sales team, as well as the implementation of effective follow-up systems.

The programme is suitable for companies from various industries, as it is customised to meet the needs and requirements of your business.

The duration of the programme varies depending on the individual needs of your company and the complexity of the strategies to be implemented. Typically, it spans several weeks or months.

Yes, the business programme for customer acquisition is suitable for both small and large companies. We tailor the strategies and training to the size and requirements of your business.

The success of the programme is measured based on key metrics such as the number of new customers, revenue growth, and customer satisfaction. Additionally, there is a continuous analysis and optimisation of the achieved results.

The training and coaching sessions can be conducted on-site at your company, at our facilities, or online, depending on your needs and availability.

The training sessions cover topics such as communication, negotiation, closing techniques, target audience identification, market research and analysis, as well as effective follow-up systems.

After completing the programme, we offer you ongoing support and guidance to ensure that the learned strategies and techniques are successfully implemented and continuously optimised in your company.

To enroll in the business programme for customer acquisition, simply contact us through our website, via email, or by phone. We will then reach out to you to discuss your requirements and goals, and develop a customised plan for your company.

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