Sales Training in the Customer Acquisition Programme

Professional sales training for your success: In our business programme, we offer customized trainings tailored to the needs of your sales teams.

The customer is the focus in the business programme

„I can’t sell you anything if I don’t know what you need.“

During the business programme for acquiring new customers and maximising revenue, my partners and I accompany the participating media consultants with modern sales training to optimise their skills in customer-oriented selling.

The sales training is tailored to the current needs of the sales teams and includes the following core topics:

All content can be successfully applied both in the customer acquisition programme and in day-to-day business.

Modern media companies not only offer their customers advertising media but also support them with suitable advertising solutions to help them achieve their marketing goals effectively. Your customers will show their appreciation through loyalty, upselling, cross-selling, and referrals. We support your sales team in achieving the best possible implementation.




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The most frequently asked questions

Frequent questions, clear answers: In our FAQ section, you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding our business program for acquiring new customers.

The business programme for acquiring new customers is a tailored sales programme, that brings the media business immediate revenue flow. It is aimed at supporting media consultants in optimising their sales skills in customer-oriented selling. The programme covers various core topics such as sales psychology, effective communication, needs analysis, objection handling, and closing techniques. By participating in the programme, media consultants can enhance their skills in customer acquisition and revenue growth, leading to increased customer satisfaction, long-term client relationships, and successful business transactions.

The business programme is primarily designed for media consultants and media companies. However, the techniques and skills taught in the programme can also be adapted and applied to sales teams in other industries.

Participants in the programme can expect improved sales performance, higher closing rates, increased customer loyalty, and improved customer satisfaction. Additionally, they will benefit from a better understanding of their customers' needs and increased efficiency in the sales process.

The sales trainings are conducted by experienced trainers and coaches who cater to the needs and requirements of the participating sales teams. The trainings can take place in the form of workshops, seminars, or individual coaching sessions, depending on the preferences and goals of the respective team.

The duration of the business programme depends on the individual needs and goals of the participating sales teams. It can be adjusted to different timeframes and intensities to meet the specific requirements of the participants.

Yes, there are various opportunities for further education and deepening of the knowledge and skills acquired in the programme. These include regular refresher courses, topic-specific workshops, and individual coaching sessions.

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