Sales Farm
Transform Sales Conversations into Shopping Experiences.

Discover in our sales training how to maximise your sales potential and provide your customers with an unforgettable shopping experience through effective sales techniques and strategies.

Effective Sales Strategies

We offer innovative and customized sales solutions for your company.

Professional Trainings

Our experts support your team with targeted sales and motivation trainings.

Sustainable Results

We focus on long-term partnerships and sustainable revenue growth for our clients.

Discover the Sales Expert inside you: Ricky McKenna.

Ricky McKenna is an experienced sales trainer, coach, and keynote speaker with over 25 years of experience in the media industry. He supports companies in acquiring new customers and maximising revenue through innovative training programs and coaching.

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Real people. Real work. Real achievements.

The human being is at the center of our approach. We value authentic relationships, hands-on work, and measurable achievements to collaboratively achieve the best results with you.

Industry knowledge

In addition to the media industry, Ricky McKenna has extensive expertise in the service and retail sectors, which enables him to develop targeted and effective sales strategies.


With over 25 years of experience in leadership positions, Ricky brings a solid understanding of sales processes and successful leadership methods into his trainings.

Individual approaches

Ricky customises his trainings and coaching to the specific needs of each salesperson and company, providing tailored solutions.

Practical orientation

His trainings are based on real-life situations and proven methods that can be directly implemented in daily business operations.

Customer focus

Ricky emphasizes putting customer needs at the forefront and supports salespeople in creating an optimal shopping experience for their customers.


Ricky's trainings promote self-motivation and team dynamics to inspire salespeople to achieve peak performance even in challenging times.

Communication skills

He teaches effective communication techniques that enable salespeople to conduct impactful sales conversations and build customer loyalty.


Ricky adapts to changing market conditions and develops training programs that are effective even in uncertain times, ensuring sales success.

Sustainable successes

His trainings and coaching aim to achieve long-term and sustainable increases in revenue and appointments for the participating companies.


The Sales Farm: Fertile soil for Sales Successes

The Sales Farm stands for sustainable sales success through targeted sales training and individual coaching. We create fertile ground for your sales teams to unleash their full potential and achieve long-term success. Enter the Sales Farm and witness how your sales skills flourish and your revenues grow.

Tips and insights for successful salespersons

Welcome to our blog where we share our expert knowledge, experiences, and inspiring stories about sales. Discover helpful tips, industry insights, and proven strategies to achieve your sales goals and continuously grow. Stay up to date and become a master seller!

Sales Farm Sales Training – A Story of Success

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Unleash your sales potential

Do you know what untapped potentials lie within your sales team?

Our Sales Potential Analysis (SPA) helps you uncover optimisation potentials and identify weaknesses. Boost the effectiveness of your sales teams with our SPA and increase the number of customer appointments, closing rates, acquisition of new customers, and the motivation of your team members.

Competence meets passion: For your success.

Discover the combination of professional expertise and passionate commitment that makes the difference. Together, we strive to achieve your sales goals and ensure sustainable success.

New customer acquisition programme

Increase your revenues and acquire new customers through our customized 4-step programme. Let’s unfold your sales potential together and achieve sustainable success.

Sales Trainings

Optimize your sales skills and those of your employees through targeted training and workshops tailored to your needs. Develop effective sales strategies and increase your success.

INtem® - Mindful Power Training

Strengthen the mental resilience and motivation of your sales teams to stay successful even in challenging times. Our Mindful Power Training helps activate inner resources and develop the right mindset.

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