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Sales Training with Navigation

Wouldn’t it be great to have a guiding thread, like a blueprint, that maps and explains the individual sales processes, leading the salesperson step by step towards sustainable revenue growth? Is there a roadmap that guides salespeople, like a GPS, from street to street through the sales processes, even during times of economic uncertainty, supporting sales success?


After more than 20 years of active sales experience in the media industry, I developed my own guiding thread over time. By applying a systematic approach in sales, the individual sales processes can be navigated using an “If-Then-Else” formula in Excel. So, how do I progress from one sales stage to the next, and what do I do when the follow-up activities are met with resistance?

This 3-day sales training is specifically designed for media consultants in English and German speaking countries. It provides a structured step-by-step guide to the optimal sales process. Using a sales GPS, we guide salespeople in the media business through the recurring streets, starting from the search for suitable customer potentials, all the way to the final goal—the sales closure.



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Who is the Sales Sat Nav Training adressed to?

Experienced and inexperienced Salespersons and Managers

Our experience has shown that a mix of "rookies" and "seasoned professionals" in sales training is very beneficial for all participants. Especially during group work and open discussions, the quality of the results stands out when there is a diverse mix. The joint training also provides an extremely productive platform for team building.

Inside Sales - both telephone sales representatives and back office support for the field sales team.

The principles of sales are largely comparable, if not identical, for both field sales and inside sales. In the case of inside sales, which involves communication exclusively over the phone, the focus is on utilizing vocal elements. These elements largely compensate for the absence of visible body language.

The Training Contents of the Sales Sat Nav Training


On the first day of the Sales Sat Nav Training, the focus is on identifying potential customers, time management, perfecting cold acquisition, conducting targeted needs analysis, and successfully scheduling appointments. This way, you can efficiently and purposefully build new customer relationships.

  • Time is money. Invest your precious time only in true customer potential.
  • Where and how can you find your suitable potentials?
  • With the perfect approach to the appointment.
  • How do you sound different from all other salespeople?
  • How do you build a relationship and trust with you?
  • Guidelines for successful cold calling for acquiring new customers.
  • There is a simple truth: I can only offer you something if I know exactly what you need.
  • How does a perfect needs analysis sound?
  • Power Questions that must be asked in the needs assessment.
  • Time is money. Only invest your precious time in COMMITTED appointments.
  • Guidelines for successful appointment scheduling.


On the second day of the Sales Sat Nav Training, the focus is on handling objections, creating successful proposals, and recognizing buying signals. This will help you master objections, create customer-oriented proposals, and identify buying signals for a quick closing.

  • Never fall into the pretext trap again.
  • No more fear of objections.
  • 6 battle-tested techniques for perfect objection handling.
  • The successful creation of an offer.
  • Meeting the customer's objectives.
  • Communicating the benefits as the key success factor of the offer.
  • Recognising and eliciting non-verbal and verbal buying signals.
  • Taking the shortcut to closing the sale through buying signals.


The third day of the Sales Sat Nav Training focuses on effective price negotiations, successful closing techniques, and post-sale service. Learn how to confidently handle pricing, master sales closures, and provide excellent service to your customers that delights them and encourages referrals.


  • The dangers of offering discounts for achieving sales targets.
  • The flawless justification of pricing.
  • Guidelines for successful price enforcement.
  • The use of successful closing techniques in the sales process.
  • Guidelines for a successful sales closure.
  • The customer's unique selling proposition (USP) for advertising design.
  • The creation of successful advertising campaigns.
  • Referrals as a customer service.

Also bookable in single modules

Of course, you can customise our training offerings based on your goals or the existing “pain points” of your sales team. Simply choose the training modules that are suitable for you from the above three training days, and we will provide you with a customised offer based on your selection.

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