Sales Farm Sales Training – A Story of Success

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Web design, SEO, SEA, lead generation, and social media marketing are the magic words in the online business world.

A Swiss web design agency located in the Canton of Bern specializes in cutting-edge and efficient web solutions to enhance the online presence of its clients for effective advertising. Their primary focus is on precise audience targeting to ensure the sustainable success of their web-based customers.

In early 2023, they reached out to Sales Farm to discuss the developmental needs of their sales team and the agency’s medium-term business objectives.

The Goals of the Sales Training

The web design agency aims to achieve medium-term growth by significantly increasing their acquisition of new customers. To support this goal, they are expanding their service offerings to include innovative products for social media marketing and lead generation.

To boost customer acquisition and agency revenue, the following training contents were discussed with the management:

      1. Telephone contact and appointment scheduling.

      1. Identifying needs through qualified questioning techniques.

      1. Leveraging objections for sales.

      1. Securing deals through qualified techniques.

    1. Strengthening salesperson personalities and making a positive impression on customers.

    The Implementation of Sales Training

    The sales training sessions are conducted exclusively through Live Online Training (LOT) and occur weekly for approximately three hours each.

    Homework and Implementation Reports

    At the beginning of each training session, participants provide a brief implementation report, as the discussed training content is immediately applied in their day-to-day activities. At the end of the training sessions, participants receive specific implementation tasks to be completed by the following week.

    Training and Coaching

    After three months of weekly sales training, the sessions are expanded to include coaching. Following the instruction of new techniques and content, current sales topics are discussed within the group, and potential solutions are developed.

    Results of Sales Training

    Thanks to the interval training approach, characterized by short training sessions, immediate implementation of what was learned in practice, and weekly progress reporting, the goals were achieved in just three months and even exceeded.

    Telephone appointment scheduling +40%

    Increase in the closing rate +50%

    Due to the immediate sales successes, the agency is adding two new media consultants to further expand the sales team.

    The goal of strengthening salesperson personalities was achieved, as the immediate sales successes provided an additional boost of motivation to the sales team.


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