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Motiviert in die Kaltakquise durchstarten – Oder doch lieber auf Godot warten?


And those who know the play know that it ends with further endless waiting.

And they know that the main theme is waiting for the fulfillment of a (self-)promise.

At the beginning of the year, fitness centers experience a boom. New members flock to the premises and populate them for a month.

And then motivation declines.

„I’ll go to the gym tomorrow. Today has been long, and I’d rather chill with my partner or go for a drink.“ The excuses become more athletic than the actual desire to exercise.

The same applies to the activity of acquiring new clients. We know that we need to pick up the phone and call leads. But fortunately, there is always a seemingly important customer inquiry, a statistic that needs to be prepared, or any other welcome distraction from the actual important task of making warm or cold calls.

Do you still remember your last successful phone calls when you scheduled an appointment or the customer informed you that they would accept your offer?

An exhilarating situation, don’t you think?

What happens when you have another conversation immediately after a successful one? If you reach the desired person, it will probably also be positive because you enter the conversation with an uplifting energy. You can also call this energy „a feeling of happiness.“ This positive thinking is marked as a plus in the subconscious mind, and when the next successful conversation occurs, the confirmation comes with the thought, „Of course, I knew I would get the appointment.“

Your mindset determines the energy you put into achieving the desired outcome.

If you don’t believe in success in whatever you do, you approach implementation with correspondingly low energy, and the result corresponds to that low energy. Once again, the subconscious mind evaluates the situation, but this time it’s a minus. The next time you make a call, the subconscious mind reviews the previous experiences, stumbles upon that big minus, and you think, „Oh, this probably won’t work.“

However, if you believe in success, you approach the conversation with significantly more energy. The conversation is much more dynamic and can lead to a positive outcome much more frequently. And that strengthens your fundamental conviction with the thought, „Of course, I knew I could do it.“

Think positively by simply changing your perspective.

Your perspective could shift from „This won’t work!“ to „Maybe I just need a new phone script.“ Acquiring new clients, especially through cold calling, requires a significant amount of discipline and consistent implementation. Endlessly waiting for Godot won’t help in this case.

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